HI guys! I’m starting this website because I want to make anime reviews, preferably on youtube but I have yet to decide how to review anime in the video format. This is sort of a way to save my reviews as drafts if that makes sense but you can of course read them if you don’t want to wait for me to post them on youtube if I ever do that is.

I’m still a student so I obviously have no money to buy my own domain which nis why I’ll be using .wordpress.com for now

For those of you who are curious, sadly I’m not from Japan so Kurosora Ryuga isn’t my real name Kurosora is the surname btw. That said, it’s not like I just copied this name from an anime or anything like that though there are a lot of ryugas, I’m the one who came up with this name. Kuro meaning black, sora meaning sky and ryu meaning dragon

I am the Black Sky Dragon or something




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