The 2 types of Enjoyment

I always say that I rate anime based on enjoyment but a lot of people say they don’t unless if you count the what comes after that

If you ask me, that’s still part of the entertainment brought to you by the show

There are different ways to enjoy media and different kinds of enjoyment brought to you by different genres such as horror, comedy, action, etc.

The 2 types that I’m talking about have more to do with when you enjoy it rather than the different genres

Initial Enjoyment

This is the excitement that you feel whilst watching a show. Various things can give you this type of enjoyment such as action, romance, seeing your favorite characters on screen, etc. Most people classify enjoyment as only the initial enjoyment

Off-screen Enjoyment

This is the type of enjoyment that you feel after watching a show and thinking about it. Shows that makes you put yourself in the position of the character can really bring out this enjoyment. Thinking about the mysteries presented in a show can also bring fourth this enjoyment. Hype can also be classified as Off-screen enjoyment

The Different Genres

Some genres are more specialized in bringing forth one type of enjoyment while others can bring forth both of them equally

Here’s my annalysis of some of these genres

Action – This genre is one of the most popular ones and for a good reason, It can give you both types equally. Not just equally but it can also give you more initial and more off-screen enjoyment than any other genre if done right. Fight scenes are of course amazing to watch but there’s a lot more to them than that. They also make you put yourself in the shoes of the protagonist and think about what you would’ve done in that situation and what you would do after winning or losing

Romance – This genre can also give you both types of enjoyment. Watching a good romance unfold is just great to watch and romance series can really build the hype specially if it’s with a love triangle or a harem. If the characters are well written, you’ll find yourself rooting for them and just wanting them to get together which makes for great off-screen enjoyment

Mystery – A good mystery series can really bring forth the detective in you. You’ll find yourself trying to solve it’s mysteries while you’re not watching a show. It can ofc be fun to watch but a mystery series has a lot more potential in giving you Off-screen enjoyment



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