Re:ZERO Satella or Emilia


warned ya!

I made a post on my G+ account a few days ago about why Satella/emila’s real name could be Satella or Emilia and still make sense. I’m just gonna copy paste that article because I think ir is well-structured enough to be posted here and I just want to post this before episode 9 comes out

16 - 1

I thought that her real name is Satella until beatrice said that thing about what could make someone steal the jealous witch’s name
Heck I even thought that she rly might be the jealous witch
Let me explain
The first time Subaru entered that world was when he didn’t have any knowledge of the future yet so he had no goals and he was probably completely 100% honest with himself at the time since he wasn’t trying to achieve anything and like I said he had no knowledge or fear of the future yet. Even if he had innocent wishes and goals after time loop, his will subconsciously do stuff that can be associated with dishonesty like a change in the tone of his voice excessive sweating, unecessary movements, etc.
I thought that his honesty somehow made Emilia want to be honest and so she revealed her true identity the first time but he didn’t seem as honest in their next meetings so she didnt
That’s what I thought in the first 7 episodes

But that was completely off bcos she only borrowed the witch’s name in order to sound insane and not be a part of the royalty shit and her actions actually make sense bcos that was the timeline wherein Subaru spent the longest hanging out with her in the first day. She wanted to drive him off I guess. Emilia couldn’t have lied in the other timelines because of two reasons. She didn’t trust Subaru as much and she has not spent a long time with Subaru yet, granted that they didn’t rly spend a lot of time together the first time, it was still more than the other times and it was the only timeline wherein Emilia was able to somehow vent to Subaru. The other and more important reason is that they didn’t really get to be alone together aside from that timeline…. Well, puck is ofc with them but he knows what’s going on so it’s fine
That’s what I think after watching episode 8. It makes sense for me if I explain it like that or did I miss something?


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