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Re:ZERO Satella or Emilia


warned ya!

I made a post on my G+ account a few days ago about why Satella/emila’s real name could be Satella or Emilia and still make sense. I’m just gonna copy paste that article because I think ir is well-structured enough to be posted here and I just want to post this before episode 9 comes out

16 - 1

I thought that her real name is Satella until beatrice said that thing about what could make someone steal the jealous witch’s name
Heck I even thought that she rly might be the jealous witch
Let me explain
The first time Subaru entered that world was when he didn’t have any knowledge of the future yet so he had no goals and he was probably completely 100% honest with himself at the time since he wasn’t trying to achieve anything and like I said he had no knowledge or fear of the future yet. Even if he had innocent wishes and goals after time loop, his will subconsciously do stuff that can be associated with dishonesty like a change in the tone of his voice excessive sweating, unecessary movements, etc.
I thought that his honesty somehow made Emilia want to be honest and so she revealed her true identity the first time but he didn’t seem as honest in their next meetings so she didnt
That’s what I thought in the first 7 episodes

But that was completely off bcos she only borrowed the witch’s name in order to sound insane and not be a part of the royalty shit and her actions actually make sense bcos that was the timeline wherein Subaru spent the longest hanging out with her in the first day. She wanted to drive him off I guess. Emilia couldn’t have lied in the other timelines because of two reasons. She didn’t trust Subaru as much and she has not spent a long time with Subaru yet, granted that they didn’t rly spend a lot of time together the first time, it was still more than the other times and it was the only timeline wherein Emilia was able to somehow vent to Subaru. The other and more important reason is that they didn’t really get to be alone together aside from that timeline…. Well, puck is ofc with them but he knows what’s going on so it’s fine
That’s what I think after watching episode 8. It makes sense for me if I explain it like that or did I miss something?


My Top 10 anime Waifus


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I warned you~~~

Okay, so I make these edits whenever I fall in love so bad with an anime character and As I finished editing the latest addition to my list, I realized that I should have enough for a Top 10 by now but as it turns out, I actually had eleven so I had to eliminate someone. I was actually able to eliminate that someone quite fast and for those who are wondering, It’s Reiko from Bubuki Buranki. Now I did add her after watching the first 2 episodes so I haven’t really been able to think it through that much when I added her which is probably why I was able to eliminate her easily

Now, I tried my best to put them in order but you should disregard the rank system from 2 and below. I’m  only sure about my number one which is…….

1. Ferris Eris

Ferris is just so beautiful and cute at the same time. She can be violent at times and she’s really unpredictable but at the end of the day, you still end up loving and caring for her and maybe feed her some dangos as well. It’s hard to put it into words but she’s just so lovable despite- no, her flaws actually make her even more attractive

2. Touma, Kazusa

Kazusa is a very reliable and independent girl. She always has it together and she always hold her chest high without shame. She can be easily misunderstood by others because she does seem to slack off a lot but she actually works really hard on her piano skills even though she doesn’t really perform on contests anymore because of her past traumas regarding her mom. She might be hard hard to approach and she might even kick you a few times but she is a very loving person who just has a lot of trouble when it comes to expressing her feelings.

3. Mumei

Mumei is just so adorable, beautiful and intimidating at the same time. You never know what she’ll do next and you might even get annoyed at her sometimes but the moment she smiles or shows you just a little bit of love, you’ll just feel like hugging her all the while calling her an idiot for everything that she did.

4. Arachnera, Rachnera

Okay, now we’re stepping into the territory of the weird lol, in a good way. I just love Rachnera for how she handles different situations and her personality. In this list, she might actually be the one who is the most similar to me except for the tying up everyone part XD. She doesn’t have much of a positive impression of humans like me for different reasons though. She’s very straight forward when interacting with people so of course she doesn’t get along with most people. She is usually judged for her outer appearance so she thinks that everyone would judge her from that although she isn’t really looking for pity from anyone much less from humans but she can accept that everyone is different when the facts are made clear and she slowly opens up to whoever it is that she has come to love. Thats said you yourself have to accept all of her including her lower half of course if you’re going to have any chance at her, which I also qualify for. She seems strong and cool thanks to her lower half and I’m actually much more attracted to those kind of women. I aint really into that damsel in distress business because I’m the one in distress most of the time lol.

5. Kanoe, Yuuko

Her tragic past just makes you want to protect her and as she herself is looking for acceptance for what she became, you’ll just want to give it to her I know, I know. I just said that I’m not into damsels in distress, I’ll clear that up in the next sentence don’t worry. Yuuko summoned all of her courage in order to save her village from a plague. She had the power to take initiative and not just go with the flow. Most people would be too scared to act after they almost got caught but she still went to look for her very precious friend when that friend got kidnapped which then led to her doom. Her past is just so tragic and it still haunts her 50 years later. Unable to accept her hatred she separated her negative emotions from herself. I just want to hug her and tell her that it’s okay to think of those stuff, that she’s not the one at fault, that she needs those emotions, and that those emotions will not make me love her less

6. Annie Leonhardt

7. Arturia Pendragon A.K.A. Saber

8. Mary

Mal says it’s Merry but whatever lol

9. Minase, Koito

10. Canaan

I didn’t bother to explain entries number 6-10 because I didn’t really have much to say about them


List of what anime they are from

  1. Ferris eris – Legend of The Legedary Heroes (Densetsu na yuusha na densetsu)
  2. Touma, Kazusa – White Album 2
  3. Mumei – Koutetsujou no Kabaneri (Kabaneri of the Iron fortress)
  4.  Arachnera, Rachnera – Monster Musume to iru nichijou ( Daily life with Monster Girls)
  5. Kanoe, Yuuko – Tasogare Otome X Amnesia (Dusk Maiden Of Amnesia)
  6. Annie Leonhardt – Attack on Titan ( Shingeki no Kyojin)
  7. Arturia Pendragon   A.K.A. Saber – Fate/Zero -Fate/Stay Night -Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works
  8. Mary   or Merry – Hai to Gensou Grimgar
  9. Minase, Koito – Musaigen no Phantom World (Myriad Colors Phantom World)
  10. Canaan – Canaan