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Koutetsujou no Kabaneri vs Shingeki no Kyojin. What sets them apart?


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I have only watched episodes 1-3 as of the writing of this article. Only episodes 1-3 have been released as of now, 04/29/15

I originally made a post about this on G+ right after episode 2 was released but here are my thoughts after I watched episode 3

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Both are set in worlds wherein humans have been forced to shut themselves behind walls due to an external threat. Their structures have minor differences but the most notable one is that the humans in the world of KnK can travel between different stations through the use of train-like machines called hyajiros whereas the humans in SnK are confined into one space sealed by walls. This small difference in structure can have a huge effect on the behavior of the people in both worlds. In SnK the innermost walls are taller than the outer walls. This causes their nobles to look down on the commoners which leads to extremely selfish decisions such as ordering an extremely elite soldier to protect their riches instead of fighting the titans because they don’t really view Titans as a threat due to the fact that they are in the innermost walls, the walls that offer the most protection. As for KnK, every ┬ástation is in an equal amount of danger of being attacked by the Kabane which leads to everyone being afraid of the kabane. This leads to hasty decisions and failure to be open-minded due to the fear that anyone and everyone could be a kabane.

The main character of KnK, Ikoma is a lot smarter and has more depth to his character than the main character of SnK. Eren’s main goal is to kill all trhe titans due to his hatred of them whereas Ikoma is more fixated on saving and changing everyone. Ikoma did not hesitate to kill his sister who has been forcibly turned into a kabane. If he waited for even a second more then he would’ve been bitten and turned into a kabane. As for Eren, not only did he not want to kill annie to the point where he couldn’t turn into a titan but when he was finally able to turn into a titan, he hesitated to kill/capture Annie which led to her being able to crystallize herself.

There are more points that I want to discuss but those have already been pointed out in other articles

Here’s a copy and paste of something that I posted in G+. The quality of this is a little bit lower than the main article that I wrote since it was done on my phone meaning that I used a lot of shortcuts for words and I wasn’t able to explain most of them in detail but I feel like this is the best way to express those because they are mainly based on my own personal opinion, Of course, that’s no to say that the main article is not based on my own opinion but it has more thought put into it instead of me just laying down and typing whatever

Similarity: Ofc, the main heroine is strong af

Difference: she’s also not entirely human and personality is different. She does everything in her own pace whereas mikasa well…. She’s mostly only interested in protecting eren and not much comedy from her character. I like mumei better rly

Similarity: people turning against half breeds

Difference: Well, in kabaneri’s case, the people that turn against them are simply being careful
In AoT a lot of politics are involved
Can’t rly say which one is better. I get pissed of whenever jackass politicians let their greed take over. I find those scenes… Well they’re great and all but I personally get rly pissed of to the point wher I just wanna shout just kill em already
Note: Kabaneri would probably have something like this but I think it’ll be a little bit better specially cos the officials in kabaneri actually get involved in the fights and not just stay behind their guards which is why their guards are more loyal as well

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